Glimmer of Life Surrealist painting by Maryse Gauthier 03-2019

Life dropped in gloom

Gloom is wrapping me up this month.

I hold on to what I must but my heart is no where.

In those times, I know it's a matter of getting through not trusting my present sense of reality.

This time, it was a life changer...


I had an image flash in my head that I needed to get on canva. It was not that clear.

All I knew is there had to be a shape of a yellow skull with a spider on top like a wig on the side.

I was not feeling well mentally and felt as dead. Nothing I used to like, be interested in or passionate about, made any sense anymore. I felt like giving up everything and drift in death.

But I knew I couldn't trust this and decided to just maintain the strict minimum possible and focused only on my courses doing the strict minimum not to get behind while I was going through this intense gloom.

I had important thought processes to figure out what was the source of this and how I could turn this around positively and get out of this, grown a little more.

I decided to figure out what I currently feared the most and confront it head on.

In the end,  it was all worth going through this darkness as I had an essential break through that changed my life for the best.

This positive spark is represented by the drop of water. The spider represents patience and creativity choosing the drop of life over drifting in death.

Let me know what this painting evokes for you in the comments!

Glimmer of Life Surrealist painting by Maryse Gauthier 03-2019

Glimmer of Life Surrealist painting by Maryse Gauthier 03-2019

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Maryse Gauthier

Maryse started painting in February 2017 at a Paint Nite event to overcome her fear of painting. After going to two other Paint Nite events and free of her fear of painting, she decided to start doing here own painting projects. She knew that she could now express visually all those images that filled her mind and create freely. She is mostly inspired to create surrealist paintings and is always working to improve her skills. A majority of her creations stem from a combination of her weekly psychoanalysis therapy work, past hallucinations, feelings inexpressible in words but also any current experiences inciting reflections and growth. About Maryse

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