Planet Eyes Surrealist painting by Maryse Gauthier

Galaxy of paranoia

February, the painting adventure goes on!

Still keeping an open mind. I feel these painting sessions quite enjoyable and relaxing. It's a previleged moment to let my mind loose! 

Curious what got me to this month's painting? Keep reading...


When I started this one, I was thinking of a superior alien seeing his reflection in another planet.

As I started laying out my planets I got inspired to create eye planets observing each other instead.

As I wasn't that clear on the outcome, this painting was really satisfactory!

I'm quite content with the result.

I find that it can express paranoid moments, positive or negative, but also self-reflection.

Let me know what this painting evokes for you in the comments!

Planet Eyes Surrealist painting by Maryse Gauthier

Planet Eyes Surrealist painting by Maryse Gauthier

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Maryse Gauthier

Maryse started painting in February 2017 at a Paint Nite event to overcome her fear of painting. After going to two other Paint Nite events and free of her fear of painting, she decided to start doing here own painting projects. She knew that she could now express visually all thoses images that filled her mind and create freely. She is mostly inspired to create surrealist paintings and is always working to improve her skills. A majority of her creations stem from a combinaison of her weekly psychanalysis therapy work, past hallucinations, feelings inexpressible in words but also any current experiences inciting reflections and growth. About Maryse

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