Unity of mind and spirit

This month it's Halloween! This month I had the idea of a skeleton hand coming out of a hole helped by a spider.

Then, I saw a video of someone saying she experienced a phenomenon named the rise of Kundalini. I had never heard of this, so I made a little research. I was stoked!

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Perspective growing with time

I never know what will be my next mental sudden vision and where it comes from.

I'm always fascinated to discover what I will see once I execute the creation of thoses visions. 

Apparently, they are well connected with my subconscious making it worth to investigate.

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Galaxy of paranoia

February, the painting adventure goes on!

Still keeping an open mind. I feel these painting sessions quite enjoyable and relaxing. It's a previleged moment to let my mind loose! 

Curious what got me to this month's painting? Keep reading...

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Entering reality is messy

I had no clue what I would be creating for my first painting of year 2019. I set for myself the objective of making one painting per month. Now was the time to start. 

Still, I didn't want to add pressure. I wanted to have fun with the experience and not overplan the project to end up doing nothing. I never expected this to happen though!

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