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Reconciliation with my gender

This is my last painting for 2019!

2019 has been an amazing year of growth way beyond my expectations. Among the things I overcame is my negative view of feminity. I struggled with this for a long time and I even felt shame for being a woman. It had a detrimental effect on my relationships in general by avoiding emotional intimacy.

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Unity of mind and spirit

This month it's Halloween! I got the idea of a skeleton hand coming out of a hole helped by a spider.

Then, I saw a video of someone saying she experienced a phenomenon named the rise of Kundalini. I had never heard of this, so I made a little research. I was stoked!

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Perspective growing with time

I never know what will be my next mental sudden vision and where it comes from.

I'm always fascinated to discover what I will see once I execute the creation of thoses visions. 

Apparently, they are well connected with my subconscious making it worth to investigate.

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